Register as an Early Learning and Childcare Advertiser

  1. Go to

  2. Register as an advertiser "on our registration page"

  3. Login here:-

  4. Complete your personal details to set up your login.

  5. Upon creation of your account you will be sent an email to activate it – follow the link within the email or copy and paste it into the address bar in your internet browser.


  6. When you follow the link, it should take to this page including a pop-up letting you know your account has been activated. You can close this by clicking the little “x” in the top right of the small window.

  7. You will be given three options to set up your organisation. As an Early Learning and Childcare organisation, in order to gain access to the FREE advertising tokens please select “Early Years Provider”.

  8. This will bring you to a page to claim your organisation as we have already set up skeletons of all Early Learning and Childcare

    Within "Organisation Search" begin tying the Service Name of your early years establishment as it is displayed on your Care Inspectorate Certificate. The system will begin to make suggestions based on the database provided by the Care Inspectorate. Please select your organisation once you see it.

  9. Within the "Service Provider Number" please add the number which has been provided to you by the Care Inspectorate which begins "SP" (not your CS number)

  10. "Submit Claim" - If you have completed your details correctly, the system will automatically approve your organisation. If you have made a mistake you, we will have to approve you manually. The system will automatically generate an email to us to let us know.

  11. Once you have claimed your organisation you will be able to personalise it. Under "My Organisations" click on our organisation:

  12. This will bring up your organisation settings.
    Logo - Click in the top left logo square to add your organisation logo
    Banner - this is the image which displays along the top, feel free to add an image you feel is appropriate.
    Page information - we recommend you add a little detail about your organisation.

  13. Post a job - You will see on the right hand side of the page the option to post a job, click here to create your vacancy and please remember to proof read it prior to publishing.